Embrace the dark & it will free you.

Reclaim the inner power, clarity & wholeness that’s always been yours using shadow work & spiritual alchemy.

Liberate your True Self....

Who do you believe you are?

The journey to unveiling more of yourself involves embracing your dark side. Only then will you experience your full sacred power. But you don’t have to do it alone- there’s a guide who’ll forge the path with you.

Find your Shadow Guide & find the key to liberation.

Nestled in the deepest, darkest spaces of your being exists the eternal knowing + divine power you seek. It will free you, heal you, excite you….it will test your edges + expand you beyond what you thought you can handle.

House Noir can help you access all of your authentic power, tap into crystal clear intuition, stop living in human struggle + create a life you deeply desire + feel connected to.

Embrace your dark side + liberate your True Self.

How can we help?

You're frustrated with being stuck. Find the bottleneck in your life & how to fix it.

Fortuna is an shadow work consult designed to sift out what is holding up the success you desire and offer you a path to truly becoming the Creator of your life.

You're bored & ready to remove the mask. It's time to unlock your most powerful, intuitive Self.

Metamorpha is a spiritual alchemy session designed to help you tap into a well of primal power, clarity of intuition, and beingness of True Self unlike anthing else.

Join us at House Noir

You’ll begin a personal odyssey into the Dark…one that will reveal illusion, release trauma, birth self-acceptance, and train you in the ways of mental conditioning + divine energy.

Spiritual Alchemy is our path. Shadow Work is our way.

The True Self_House Noir Society of Shadow Work & Spiritual Alchemy

The True Self

Your true self is Spirit-the animating aspect of your being– it’s limitless, unchanging, and powerful.

Our offerings will help you tap into the truth of who you are as you begin the process of spiritual alchemy. You’ll learn to place the mind in its proper role as the mechanism to create what your Spirit directs.

The Avatar

Your identity & aspects of personality are all mental constructs and aspects of your false self- The Avatar. While they are real, they are not Truth. What is Truth is unchanging + unchangeable.

House Noir will help you learn about human conditioning, the ways the mind functions, and how to use that to your conscious benefit instead of being unconsciously lead by them. Shadow Work is the technology we use to heal, remember wholeness, and re-program The Avatar.

The Avatar_House Noir Society of Shadow Work & Spiritual Alchemy
Dark Energy_House Noir Society of Shadow Work & Spiritual Alchemy

Dark Energy

Dark Energy is the immaterial, receptive, chaotic force of Spirit. It is made of deep vibrations and is a necessary balancing energy. 

House Noir philosophy views Dark Energy as the container for the individual + collective unconscious, shadow, and intuition. By working directly with dark energy in your own energy system you create balance, wellbeing, and total self-acceptance. House Noir’s energy medicine is used during shadow work + supports your alchemical journey.

How to do shadow work and spiritual alchemy_House Noir

We're not a home for the weak-hearted.​

  • We’re Death Dealers. We practice solve et coagula (Holy Death)– the dissolution of what is for the creation of what’s next.
  • We’re not satisfied with finding answers, we must live in the question as perennial spiritual scientists.
  • We have a ferocious commitment to total self-responsibility so that freedom + sovereignty are cultivated.
  • If you’re ready to commit, blood x bone, we welcome you.​
Ixchel Lara of House Noir

I'm Ixchel Lara

Creatrix at House Noir

I’m an Author & Underworld Guide for people who crave wickedly meaningful lives and deep soul connection.

Through my Dark Tales, Holy Death Process, and online offerings, I’m here to help you liberate your True Self by embracing your dark side.

My clients have called my work “miraculous and terrifying”, something that “provides immediate clarity” and “infusions of personal power”, and that they’re “grateful for honoring their intuition” to work with me.

When I’m not guiding people into the Dark via shadow work, I conjure digital artwork for my own pleasure-while indulging in a couple (dozenish) chai lattes.

I serve the Depths of Creation,
the dark and terrible,
the collective + individual pain,
the Truth of our wholeness.
I honor every experience.
I’m open to new information that evolves my existing paradigm.
I tend to the wounded, the underdog, the demon in us all.
I’m married to Allowance- live + let live.
I practice non-control + precise chaos.
I attack ideas, not people.
I win or I grow.

20+ years of professional experience in the spiritual/personal growth field.

Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Certified Energy Medicine Therapist

Certified Life Coach

Currently at University studying Neuropsychology (Neuroscience + Psychology).

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Shadow is all the bits our ego has disowned + cleverly hidden in our unconscious.

Shadow work is the means of reclaiming those bits so we can be whole, integrated beings. It’s part of a process called individuation (from that clever mystic, Carl Jung).

Carl Jung coined the term way back in the early 1900’s + the incredible work that is the basis of Jungian Psychology. He created a process of shadow integration that has many offshoots, now known as shadow work.

It eventually moved beyond psychology into the spirituality + personal growth fields. There are numerous methods that comprise shadow work. House Noir’s founder, Ixchel Lara, has created an integrated psycho-spiritual method of shadow work as a basis for our programs.

Spiritual Alchemy is the process of liberating our spirits from our limited human conditioning. Shadow Work is the mechanism we use for that liberation.

The Emerald Tablet is said to reveal the process of spiritual alchemy. Carl Jung went on to use the process of alchemy in his own work in psychology.

There are 7 stages of spiritual alchemy House Noir’s programs incorporate.

They are-

Calcination: Via self-awareness we begin to break down the aspects of our conditioning that don’t serve us.

Dissolution: We practice spiritual maturity + identify less and less as the false self (mind).

Separation: We can isolate + process our own inner experience (thoughts + feelings) without judgement or projection onto others.

Conjunction: True acceptance of our whole being begins to unfold.

Fermentation: Death of the false self is experienced + we begin rebirth.

Distillation: We are compelled to integrate our spiritual realizations into our material life experience.

Coagulation: We live as our True Self (Spirit) leading the mind in our human experience.


Dark Energy is the keeper of the personal + collective unconscious.

When doing shadow work + spiritual alchemy we’re traversing Dark territory. It’s required to balance the energy field with both light + dark energy in order to be integrated, whole beings.

Ixchel Lara has created an energy modality that works with dark energy-all popular energy healing modalities work with light energy-so that we can create that healthy, needed balance.

There’s so much to say about this…but you’ll know that your system is imbalanced if you need to ground yourself. Working with dark energy releases the need for that.


Important to note: This isn’t about a moral judgement of spiritual energy- light does not equate to good + dark to bad. That’s a spiritually immature perspective that unfortunately permeates New Age ideology.

Alternative Therapy is a commonly used umbrella term for the integrated methods of coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, energy medicine and intuitive insight.

It does not + should not ever replace traditional therapy as a means of treating any mental health issues. It is often very complimentary to traditional therapy but you should have a chat with a licensed therapist first.

Both methods use knowledge of how the brain works in order to create change in the unconscious/subconscious.

You know those pesky habits you have trouble quitting? Or those beliefs you’re unsure of how they came to exist? Or how you breathe without thinking about it?

All that exists in the unconscious/subconscious.

CH + NLP each have their own techniques for accessing + creating change on that level.

Both methods involve tapping into your energy field + manipulating it’s structure.

Think of it like opening a book- you have to do that in order to access what’s inside.

Energy medicine can add, release, or simply move pieces around so that your field aligns with your desired material results.

Intuitive insight involves temporarily plugging into your field to read your book + tell you what is sensed. Ixchel’s approach may be different than what you’ve experienced in readings. While she can connect with your spiritual council + may use Tarot, her focus is on your True Self’s guidance as it is the highest spiritual authority.

Coaching + Alternative Therapy is for you if you need help with integrating new information in your life, for accountability + taking internal/external action to create change in your life.

Traditional therapy is for you if you believe you might have or have been diagnosed with any mental health concern like depression, PTSD, ADD, bipolar disorder, etc.

If that’s the case, we highly advise that you talk to a licensed therapist + discuss if House Noir’s methods could be complimentary to your treatment prior to signing up for any of our programs.

She is not a licensed, practicing psychologist nor a pro neuroscientist.

Ixchel is in a degree program studying Neuropsychology + her studies are very useful to the work at House Noir. All methodologies/programs are informed by both fields.

Ha! It’s pronounced ee-shell…if it helps you can say Michelle without the “m”.