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House Noir's Values

We’re committed to being inclusive, equitable + diverse. Freedom, equality, and individual agency are lived values + those we encourage our community to embody.


We’re LGBTQIA, BIPOC + BLM friendly.

As part of our work in confronting the individual + collective shadow, we face the challenges of the human experience honestly, in-depth + as oracles for deeper awareness. That means we discuss racism, misogyny, homophobia, white feminism + other societal diseases in our programs + public materials.


We do not subscribe to New Age ideology.

Our psycho-spiritual philosophy is anchored by the Shamanism of Ixchel’s indigenous lineage and is an integration of modern neuroscience, psychology, Spiritual Alchemy + Animism.


We encourage your discomfort.

Your comfort zone is a place of stagnancy. Our work will challenge + question your current paradigm. You will be treated as an adult with full capacity for all emotions- or a desire to create capacity.

House Noir’s programs are built to apply precise chaos + destruction to every delusion you are currently programmed with in order to nurture your full, true Being.


*** Tone policing + spiritual bypassing are not allowed in our spaces.***