Spiritual Alchemy Session

You’ve tried meditation & classes, …now you need a way that works for you to consistently access your own intuition.

You imagine yourself in merkabas of white light & do alltheenergywork…you still don’t feel whole, healed & powerful.

You’ve done mindset work on limiting beliefs for hours…now you need to truly get your mind on board with the rest of you.

How to do spiritual alchemy

How it works...

Metamorpha is designed to help you liberate your powerful, primal divine nature. The reason you can’t hear your intuition clearly,and your mind is seemingly at war with you, and you don’t feel like a complete spiritual creature is because you identify as mind/body.

We’ll use an arsenal of psycho-spiritual technology to get every part of you back in it’s proper role.

Your session will include:

  • True Self alignment- a practice to tap into Spirit (primal power).
  • Holy Death Process- a framework to decondition your Ego identification & begin realignment with Spirit.
  • Energy alignment/balancing- begin to heal & integrate your Shadow parts.
  • Actualization Plan- what to do after session to continue living into your greatest Self.


Sessions are recorded for your convenience.
Sessions are 30 minutes & delivered via Zoom.
Price: $150

**You’ll be directed to a scheduling page after you make payment.

**There are no refunds for 1:1 services. Please read our Disclaimer & Terms of Service before you purchase a session.

Ixchel Lara

Death Dealer & Alternative Therapist

I help you navigate your dark side & access the parts of you that will unleash your full power….the parts that have been hidden away and silently influencing your life in a sacred rebellion.

There is not one bit of you that is broken. Once you understand how you work (both human & divine) you’ll truly become a Creator of a life your mind can’t currently fathom. You just have to be willing to liberate every piece of who you are.

I harness the experience of 20 years in the field of spirituality & my understanding of psychology and current science to guide you on your journey.

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Ixchel Lara
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