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The Holy Death

1:1 Experience

This is for you if...

You know there’s some blindspots on your path to success…now you need help and a plan to release the bottlenecks in your life.

You want deep spiritual healing that isn’t shame based + operates on the truth that you’re already whole…you just need help being that truth.

You want to experience the process of spiritual alchemy in a contained time frame and guided by an experienced helper that can give you a plan.

How to do shadow work.

How it works...

The Holy Death is an intensive experience designed to pierce the veil of your unconscious and unravel unhelpful stories you’ve been conditioned to believe about who you are.

Your current identity is conflicted with your conscious desires and is keeping your life from moving forward- together we’ll form a new personal mythology that supports your wholeness + sovereignty.

You’ll also have a plan outlined of the alchemical process so you’ll know what to do to continue the shift after your THD experience.


The Holy Death is delivered via two sessions-
session 1: solve
We’ll reveal your current narrative and begin the work of dismantling unhealthy + unhelpful conditioning and patterns. We work on multiple levels- the soma, mind and energy field.
There will be an after-session assignment.
session 2: coagula
We’ll build the foundation of your new personal mythology. The bones of your mythos will be “installed” so it runs in the subconscious space to support your conscious level transformation.
We work on multiple levels- the soma, mind and energy field.

There will be an after-session assignment.

a plan
After your final session you will receive an outlined plan based on your session work- it will outline your new mythos + recommended ongoing actions.
Sessions are recorded for your convenience.
Sessions are one hour & delivered via Zoom.
Price: $500

Booked for 2021

Thank you! Spots will re-open in December for 2022 booking.

**You’ll be directed to a scheduling page after you make payment + will receive an onboarding questionaire via email.

**There are no refunds for 1:1 services. Please read our Disclaimer & Terms of Service before you purchase THD.

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